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Once Upon a time.........

Oral Storytelling
Jenna Catton is an experienced storyteller, telling traditional English and European stories, to a variety of different audiences such as Children, Teenagers, Families adults and the elderly, bringing back the ancient art of storytelling. Storytellers were as popular as singers and actors and travelled around learning new stories and telling others.

Storytelling through Art
Storytelling through Art demonstrates how different media can tell a story. Throughout history music, illustrations, drama and paintings have all told stories. The ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs told stories from people reading the illustrations before the actual Hieroglyphs were even translated and the cave man drawings told stories before words were even invented. This shows the importance that Illustration has had throughout history.

Jenna Catton is an Illustrator and a storyteller combining the use of Illustration and the spoken word to create a more effective storytelling experience. 

Adult Storytelling
Adult Storytelling
Adult Storytelling
Adult Storytelling
Adult Storytelling
Adult Storytelling

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